Biological purification with active sludge II. and III. degree

Biological purification with active sludge is a classical water treatment process and it’s still most suitable wastewater treatment method. It’s characterized with reliability and simplicity.

With intensive air intake in an appropriate volume and with special care to the development and optimal morphology of active sludge, efficient wastewater treatment is ensured.

That kind of water treatment can be carried out in open pools, which allow easier access for maintenance or in closed underground structures where only the electrical equipment is above ground in which case upper surfaces can be freely used for other purposes.

While designing the wastewater treatment plant additional options can be added if necessary. If the denitrification tank, precipitation of phosphorus with coagulant such us alum or iron salts and UV lamp are provided, third stage of purification will ensure prescribed values for total phosphorus Ptotal < 2 mg/l, total nitrogen Ntotal < 15 mg/l and prescribed number of bacteria in case of water discharge in nearby costal area.

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