Before designing and constructing devices for any type of wastewater purification, we firstly sample the water, examine it in our laboratory and then chose optimal concept of wastewater treatment that will be use in accordance with legal requirements.

Selected purification method must be efficient and cost-effective for the user.

Types of wastewater treatment:

  • Mechanical or preliminary purification is used for solids elimination which can significantly interfere with further wastewater purification,
  • Physical-chemical purification aims at water clearing and achievement of legal requirements of suspended matter, pH, heavy metals, anionic detergents and other substances suitable for treatment with the process of coagulation or flocculation,
  • Biological purification with active sludge II. and III. stage is carried out with fecal and industrial wastewaters containing high load of dissolved solids such as slaughterhouse wastewaters, fish processing wastewaters, breweries wastewater, etc.
  • Additional purification with UV disinfection aims to reduce the number od bacteria to a minimal amount so the water is acceptable for re-using under strict requirements,
  • Sludge treatment and dehydration are used for reducing the amount of sludge and, by doing that, for reducing wastewater treatment costs,
  • Air purification is needed, in some cases, around pumping stations and on a wastewater system before intensive wastewater aeration.

Each of our devices is fully customizable! This allows us to reuse the purified water, according to customer needs, for watering the green areas or washing the access roads.

By re-using purified and disinfected water we save money, we conserve the nature and ensure a better future!

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